Aerial Yoga

At AWE we use the aerial silks as props, or tools, to help us balance with confidence, stretch deeply and unwind.

Because we all need support, right?

Classes are offered with different intentions: complete relaxation, a challenge or an overall stretch.

Similar to traditional yoga, aerial yoga enhances our mind-body connection, deepening of the breath and releasing stress.


  1. Is it like Cirque du Soleil? In short, no. We offer yoga with all the benefits that it has to offer for our physical and mental health. We offer different types of aerial yoga (gentle, restorative) in which we never do inversions (i.e. hang upside down).
  2. What are the benefits of inversions? When done slowly and after a core warm up, aerial inversions allow for a gentle decompression of the spine, increased blood flow to the brain and often can improve one’s mood.
  3. What should I wear? Comfort is key! Wear what you would to exercise making sure to cover your armpits and avoid any perfumes or scented products. Also, please remove jewellery that could snag the aerial silks.

Aerial Yoga Classes

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